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Batch Grain Dryers

Brief Introduction:

GSS batch grain dryers are suitable for drying high moisture material, such as rice, wheat, corn, soybean and other grains and seeds. They are suitable for grain drying in large and medium-sized farms, grain storage stations, major grain planters and grain processing plants. GSS owns core technology for producing batch grain dryers. GSS batch grain dryers, with lower energy consumption and longer service life, are more efficient than other drying machines of the same type in the market.



1. Uniformity in grain drying and low energy consumption

2. High quality grains after dried; improved yield and reduced broken rice rate (pertaining to rice dryers)

3. Meticulously designed impurities separation and collection devices

4. A wide variety of fuels: biomass resources such as coal, diesel, natural gas, straw, and so on

5. On-the-spot grain moisture detection: Automatically detect grain moisture andturn on or off the batch drying system based on the real-time detection results to ensure qualified grains with proper moisture content. 

6. Automatic hot-wind temperature regulation control system

7. One-touch intelligent automatic control; touch screen interface ensures a visualized display and easy operation.

Batch Grain Dryer Specifications

Rated voltage3P,220V/380V 50Hz3P,220V/380V 50Hz3P,220V/380V 50Hz
Rated power10.4Hp24Hp37.33Hp
Drying rate0.5~1.0%/hr0.5~1.0%/hr0.5~1.0%/hr
Loading time45min(Approx)45min(Approx)45min(Approx)
Unloading time60min(Approx)60min(Approx)60min(Approx)
Safety deviceThermo-over Relay, Speed sensor Switch, Full Load Buzzer, Timer, Control Fuse, Rotaion sensor 
FuelB:Biomass    C:Coal    G:Natural Gas    O:Oil    V:Vapor


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