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Commercial Flat Bins

Commercial flat steel bins are generally considered as a safe way of large capacity storage. Assembling is achieved by high strength bolts fastened by electric torque wrenches through corrugated slab punching holes resulting from mechanical rolling and compression molding. 


Over 30 years of service life

Leading position in the industry of steel-bin manufacturing and installation. 

Can withstand the severe tests of typhoon, blizzard, earthquakes and other adverse conditions

GSS is a storage system supplier who can provide both high quality domestic configurations and authentic imported ones.


Safe Storage

Safe storage becomes extremely important with the gradual rise in the prices of agricultural products.

The unique and special reinforced design, high quality material, precision processing accuracy and sophisticated quality assurance system enable GSS steel bins to function in a variety of harsh environments, withstand greater wind and snow damage, and protect customers’ products.

A full set of accessories

GSS provides customers with a full set of accessories, making steel bins maintenance convenient and efficient. They include all kinds of safety cages, rest platforms, ladders, and monitoring holes, which are prefabricated in the factories.

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