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Commercial Hopper Bins

With all steel cone bottom structure, they are suitable for dozens of cubic meters to one thousand cubic grain storage.The products can be used for daily interim storage and transfer, reducing labor costs.


Reducing energy consumption of material circulation and manual input

Incomparable strength

Convenient and reliable with humanization design 

The hoppers are of high strength

Each hopper panel is made of high strength galvanized steel, which maximizes the hopper’s holding power. The hopper has various inclinations to match the size of the steel silo, thereby meeting customers’ requirements.

The protection of supporting

Supporting columns, hopper parts, and the body of bins are connected by using high strength bolts. Supporting columns are further reinforced by scissors supporters. Scissors supporters are made of standard high strength steel or heavy load structure steel.

The specification of configuration depends on the sizeof steel bins, storage foods, wind, and structural load-bearing conditions.

Ladders, Platforms and Safety Cages

Ladders and platforms are made of galvanized materials undergone convex point anti-skid treatment, ensuring safety when staff get in and out of the warehouses.

The evase inlet shape designed at the initial segment of the cage provides sufficient climbing space.

Silo wall ladders are composed of bending forming side bars and steps with stamping anti-skid convex rods.

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