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Soybean Process Dryers

All GSS Soybean Process Dryers are designed with industry leading features for a reliable, fuel-efficient, 24 hour a day drying system. Custom dryer layouts are available to best fit your specific needs.

The GSS Soybean Process Dryer utilizes a two fan design; one fan is a warm air fan and the other fan provides independent positive cooling air. Both fans are heavy-duty, large diameter, dual inlet, non-overloading centrifugal fans that operate at low rpm for quiet and efficient operation.

GSS’s variable speed metering feedrolls provide uniformly controlled discharge rates for consistent bean temperature and moisture content. The feedrolls are also designed to eliminate pinch points, to help prevent grain from cracking. Column exchangers mix the grain as it passes through the columns for more even drying.

1. Fully galvanized steel exhaust enclosure eliminates the wind effects on columns for even drying. Large exhaust enclosure with all areas exposed to heat insulated.

2. Tapered column design with grain exchangers for optimally dried grain.

3. Industry proven woven-wire mesh inner screen for optimum airflow. Perforated galvanized outer screen for clean air requirements.

4. Heavy-duty modular galvanized Construction.

5. Dual inlet, non-overloading centrifugal blowers for quiet and efficient operation. Cooling fan is equipped with variable inlet vanes as standard to control the discharge bean temperature.

6. Electronic PLC control with LCD display for user-friendly operator interface.

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