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Biomass Furnaces


The cyclone biomass furnace is a highly efficient, energy saving and environment protecting biomass combustion device, using rice hulls, corn cobs and other biomass as fuel. The conveying equipment delivers biomass fuels like rice hulls, corn cobs to the hearth via a pneumatic device. In a special air supply mode, the biomass fuels combust cyclonically in suspension in the specially-designed round hearth. At the same time, under the impact of the cyclone, the ash touches the hearth and automatically falls into the flue dust retainerat the lower part of the furnace. Poked by ash poking device, the ash is conveyed out by ash augers from the lower part. Meanwhile, the comparatively clean hot-wind and volatiles go upwards to the second combustion chamber and combust again, thereby allowing the combustible materials to be completely combusted and comparatively clean hot air generated.


Effective combustion with cyclone combustion

Small size and small floor area, and low investment

Low dust content in the flue gas, which basically meets the standards for direct discharge.

Easy ash transmission with the help of augers for ash conveying; ash temperature lower than 30°C

Easy end-gas treatment: only cyclone treatment required.

Heat supplying for the dryers can be either equipped with heat exchanger or not.

Various types of combustible materials can be used including biomass resources like rice husks, corn cobs, straws, and so on.

Easy operation and maintenance and low wearing parts

Automatic control with no need for manual fire stoking

Multi-national patents and ASEAN Energy Medal winners

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