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Track-Drive Sweep Augers

Track-Drive Sweep Augers

Track-drive clean sweeps are sweeping devices specially designed by GSS for large volume sweeping. The products are suitable for free flow materials, such as soybean, corn, wheat, etc. When slight hardening occurs, they can automatically sweep with no need for personnel entering and sweeping. There is no slip when sweeping because of its elevation rail design, which makes the driving gear mesh perfectly with perforation on the rail and operate smoothly when the machine is advancing in the warehouse.

The products are useful for agriculture, grain and oil, food, feed, brewery, bio energy and port logistics purposes


Elevation rail rejecting material accumulation 

No skip no climbing up

Low energy consumption and high cost performance

Explication in parts

The centering disc

The centering disc adopts the rotary support technology, which makes the equipment more stable when advancing. 

Modular parts design makes easy maintenance

Features of augers

Augers are connected in section which ensures the concentricity of the augers.

Cardan joint design avoids heating of augers caused by the damage of concentricity when materials impact occurs.

Variable pitch design for the tail part of augers effectively avoids material blocking of the augers.

Features of rails

With gears meshing with perforations when the machine advances or retreats, the unique elevation rail design effectively avoids derailment when the rail is buried by materials. 

Easy for installation: the rail is 10-16mm thick and the single section is 660mm long.

Sectional design ensures precision of installation and prevents deformation of the track.

High performance configurations

Nanyang/Jiamusi frequency conversion explosion proof dust driving parts, SKF, Schneider are used as the major components for the equipment. It fully meets the requirement of driving force, safety concern and carrying capacity involved in material collapses.

Specifications and Parameters of SA series of Track-Drive Clean Sweeps


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