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2S Sweep Augers

  • 业内首创“2S”设计

  • 真正无人进仓作业

  • 超强破拱能力

2S Sweep Augers

GSS launched 2S sweep augers for solving the problem of serious material hardening. 

A 2S sweep auger comprises advancing hydraulic driving part, rotation driving part, control system and lead rail. It can do sweeping in the situation of serious material hardening with no need for personnel entering and sweeping.

The GSS 2Ssweep auger has completely overcome the difficulty of sweeping with material hardening and become an epoch-making product.

Let us say No to material hardening!

Features of GSS 2S sweep auger:

The first "2S" design in the industry

Truely unmanned operation

Super arch breaking capability

Explication in parts:

The centering disc

The centering disc control equipment advancing / rotation system

Advancing driving

A hydraulic motor is adopted for the gear transmission for advancing the driving system, which extraordinarily enhances the driving force and makes the equipment more reliable when advancing.

Stroke-adjustable design for advancing small gears, which can make them mesh more closely with the big gears.

Advancing is driven by large slewing bearing, which enables it to bear higher pressure

Rotation Driving

Augers are driven by a combination of motor and reducer.

All motors are dust explosion proof

Rotation reducer adopts K series SEW

Cover shells of reducers are easy to maintain for its modular design

The discharge port

Modular design of the discharge port ensures easy maintenance for electrical slip ring. 

Observation ports on both sides of the discharge port are arranged for observing the flowing situation of the materials.

The Oil filling port is located at the bottom of silo, which makes lubricate oil adding convenient.

Better sealing effect without revolving solid at the bottom of bins.

Features of Augers:

The products are made of special materials and can bear the impact of material collapse. 

The variable pitch design at the tail part of augers makes material flow more smooth.

Unloading Hopper  

We recommend you install the unloading hopper in the range of 1.8m and 3m based on different storage materials and volume.

Specification and Parameters of 2S Sweep Augers

Functions and display parameters of control panel

The position of sweeping auger

Working current

Advancing and retreating

Automatic / manual control button

Start / stop control button     

Fault alarm

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