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RTP Bolted Tanks

Tank Connection is the global leader in dry bulk and liquid storage systems, providing a complete performance package to suit each site individually.


TC is Recognized as the Experts and Premier Builders of XL Bulk Storage Applications 

The fusion coating system promotes “functional mass flow” better than or equal to 304 stainless steel

Wide application

Product details

Bolted RTP (rolled, tapered panel) Construction

Smooth wall Tank Interior. No Internal Ledges .No Chimes. No Leaks. Several patents 

Interior coating -Provides superior abrasion & corrosion protection. Exterior coating – Provides unmatched protection in harsh environments


GSS tanks are specialized to storage powder, cement, potable water, wastewater, fire protection and industrial liquids.


Maintain an unmatched company profile of experienced personnel in dry bulk and liquid storage applications.

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