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Track-Drive Silo Unloader Reclaim Systems

Are you still puzzled by the storage and output of material?

Can soybean meal, canola meal, DDGS, sawdust or other material can be stored in silos?

50 years practices prove that this untraditional system can be a revolution.

Customer’s thought and needs, we already have prepared.

We provide equipment, but what important is, we provide a solution.

Track-Drive Silo Unloader Reclaim Systems

These heavy-duty, track-driven systems are designed for continuous operation under the most challenging conditions. When higher-volume delivery is required, or when handling materials with poor flow characteristics, track-driven reclaim systems are often the best solution. Storage structures for this series range from 6m - 20m in diameter, and are available in steel bolted tanks or, optionally, in monolithic concrete silos.

Based on Laidig's decades of unequaled experience in track-driven reclaim systems, the 2098 and 2198 DOMinator combine the next generation automated high-delivery reclaimer with high-volume dome or super-silo storage. These storage and reclaim systems provide cost-effective solutions for high-volume applications, providing the capacity up to 30000MT.

Handling material: Soybean meal , Canola meal, Cottonseed meal, Sawdust, Wood chips, Bran, Cassava, DDGS, Powder and Chemical products, etc.

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