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Bucket Elevators

As the world’s leading R&D and manufacturer of elevators, GSS always focuses on customer needs and provides bucket elevators with excellent explosion-proof performance, low maintenance cost, and long service life.

1. Safe explosion-proof performance:

Vents and dust removal ports are set at the head, the middle section, and the tail of the machine

Wear resistant, flame retardant, anti-oil, anti-static inserting pulley lagging and buckets

2. Low maintenance cost

High quality and solid materials

Inserting pulley lagging design

Drum self-cleaning tail wheels

Liner of A8 steel net A8

3. Long service life

A full range of high precision facilities and quality services, including bearing-produced positioning bolts, tensioning screws of high corrosion resistance, electrostatic powder spraying treatment, continuous butt welding, high strength galvanized bolts, enabling the equipments to achieve large volume conveying.

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