GSS provides various kinds of abrasive-resistant liners, which are made of polymer polyethylene material/polyurethane elastomer combining with expanded metal sheets, specially designed for the high wearing using application. These materials are widely used in all kinds of chute, articulated chute, inlet/outlet, accessories of material handling systems, etc.

UHMW-PE Liners 

The average molecular weight of UHMW-PE is more than 4.5 million. UHMW can be used in low temperature environment with features of excellent abrasive resistance, impact resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, self-lubrication.


Density: 0.94G/cm3                     

Melting point:136℃                       

Coefficient of thermal expansion:1.5×10 /℃       

Distortion temperature:90℃  

PU Liners

The polyurethane abrasive resistant liner is nontoxic, with its excellent abrasive resistance, oil resistance, corrosion resistance, and good impact resilience, are widely used in the area of high speed impact point for large capacity equipments.


Hardness:90± 5 A                                           

Coefficient of thermal expansion:1.5×10 /℃       

Melting point:150-180 ℃

Low friction coefficient:280-320℃           

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