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Service objectives

08 Oct 2014

trustworthy, responsible, professional, timely

Trustworthy: GSS provides you trustworthy entire process service

Responsible: With energy-saving, high efficiency features of GSS products, we have the responsibility to provide more optimal system solutions of grain and oil food and the correct installation, commissioning, maintenance and technical support service. GSS equipment archives in the detailed record of the basic information of each equipment and various problems encountered in the process of operation, which ensures that GSS will be more effective in solving problems that may arise during the process of production.

Professional: GSS services are provided and completed in a continuous cycle from product delivery, installation, commissioning and maintenance. In this process, our service team will provide professional technical support in the most efficient way.

Timely: Well trained GSS professional engineers will track the usage condition monthly, quarterly and yearly and provide professional technical support and information. Once the service request is obtained, we will communicate with you immediately so that we can provide professional service in the field at the time we both agree after discussion.

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