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Grain Drying Systems

26 Oct 2014

GSS provides various types of drying equipments, such as process dryers, batch grain dryers, fluidized dryers, mesh dryers, tower dryers, drum dryers, and box dryers. They are suitable for high quality nondestructive drying of agriculture and animal husbandry products such as grains, crops, vegetables, fruits, food, tea, and so on. GSS provides a complete drying system, covering raw material receiving, cleaning, drying, storage, as well as the control system. The drying system can be adjusted in accordance with different needs, fields, heat sources, external conditions, etc. GSS also provides turnkey project services that entail manufacturing, installation and commissioning, acceptance and after sale service.

Main Equipments of Drying System include:

a) Process Dryers

Process dryers are suitable for large volume grain drying, featuring a large capacity, high drying efficiency, low energy consumption and 24 hours of continuous operation. The maximum capacity can be 250 tons per hour, which is about 6,000 tons per day and can meet the drying needs for large-scale food processing factories, farms, oil plants, warehouse turnover centers, etc.

b) Batch Grain Dryers

Batch dryers are suitable for drying small volume rice and seeds when a big volume of water needs to be removed.

c) Fluidized Dryers

Fluidized dryers are suitable for a fast removing water process and for high-moisture grains or chemical products.

d) Tower Dryers

Tower dryers are suitable for warehouse turnover centers for safe storage purposes, featuring modular installation, simple structure scheme, low cost, and functioning in favorable weather.

e) Mobile Dryers

Mobile dryers are suitable for drying products of a small volume at the edge of the field, featuring mobility, easy handling, economy and convenience.

f) Mesh Dryers

Mesh dryers are suitable for high quality draining or drying crops, vegetables, and fruits.

g) Roller Dryers

Roller dryers are suitable for drying chemical products.

h) Box Dryers

Box dryers are suitable for batch drying of small-volume products for multiple purposes. 

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