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Silo Unloading & Sweeping Systems

26 Oct 2014

GSS provides a full set of unloading and sweeping solutions for various silo types with different storage materials. Sweeping systems are available for free flow materials, such as soybean, corn, rapeseed, rice. Unloading systems are available for poor flow materials, such as soybean meal, rapeseed meal, cottonseed meal, DDGS, cassava, coal, fertilizer, and so on.

GSS provides a complete set of solutions of unloading and sweeping system and such affiliated facilities as silos, steel structure and control system for different types of silos and storage materials, such as free flow materials of beans, corns, rapeseeds, grains and poor flow materials of soybean meal, rapeseeds meal, cottonseeds meal, DDGS, cassava, fertilizers. Turnkey project services are provided which include planning and designing, manufacturing, installation and commissioning, acceptance and after sale service.

Main Equipments of Unloading and Sweeping Systems include:

a) 2S Sweep Augers

2S Sweep augers are independently developed and manufactured by GSS. They are suitable for sweeping free flow materials with local hardening. They are safe and stable during the sweeping process with automatic unattended operation. They can be used for a silo with a maximum diameter of 40m.

b) Track-Drive Clean Sweeps 

Track-drive clean sweeps can effectively eliminate the possibility of slipby advancing on the rail fixed on the bottom of the bin, thereby avoiding climbing when sweeping. The products can be used for a silo with a maximum diameter of 35m.

c) Track-Drive Silo Unload Reclaimer

Track-drive silo unload reclaimers are suitable for forced unloading poor flow materials. The products can be started in a full-in-stock case and used forunloading operationin warehouses with a single storage capacity of 20,000 tons of materials. 

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