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Dust Collecting Systems

26 Oct 2014

GSS offers a dust removal system with full solutions. Tekair, an American dedusting equipment company under GSS, is an enterprise that integrates product research and development, manufacturing, installation and commissioning. The products are suitable for removing all kinds of dust and black smoke in various environments including electric power plants, metallurgical plants, manufacturing machinery factories, grain and oil processing factories, ports, etc. The dust removal system helps to keep the environment cleanand complete eliminate the dust explosion hazard.

Main Equipments of Dust Removal Systems include:

a) Cyclone 

Cyclone is a dust removal device that arouses dusty airflow rotary motion, through which dust particles are separated from the airflow by means of centrifugal force and traps them in the vessel wall, allowing dust particles to drop into the ash hopper with the aid of brevity. It is generally used for the preceding stage of two dust removals with more than 75% of efficiency. 

b) Bag Filter 

Dust particles are filtered when dusty air goes through the filter material. The filter material traps coarse dust particles by means of inertial collision and grain dust filtration and screening effect. The dust removal efficiency is more than 99% when the size of dust particle is more than 0.1um.

c) Dust Suppression Hopper 

Adopting foreign technology, GSS provides dust suppression hoppers for loading/unloading bulk material. Benefiting from a patent design, the dust suppression an effectively eliminate air in the material and help form a dense column of material,

thereby protecting the environment by significantly reducing the escaping dust when loading and unloading.

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