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Grain Storage Systems

27 Oct 2014

GSS provides a complete set of solutions of storage system for various storage capacities and requirements, including intake, receiving, sampling, measurement, cleaning, drying, storing, ventilating, fumigating, sweeping, bulking and packing. Turnkey project services are provided which include planning and designing, manufacturing, installation and commissioning, acceptance and after sale service.

Main Equipments of Storage Systems include:

a)Various Types of Storage Equipments

This category includes commercial flat bins, commercial hopper bins, insulation storehouses, steel reinforced concrete silos, etc. They can meet different storage requirements for different materials, including grain, meal, feed, sugar, chemical materials like fertilizer, and cement.

b)Various Types of Welding Storage Tank and Assembly Storage Tank 

Imported TC assembly storage tanks can be used for large volume storage, such as liquid, drinking water, sewage, chemical materials, and so on.

c)PAL Truck / Train Samplers PAL

These products are suitable for auto-track and train sampling, saving labor costs by its auto-controlling system, less transmission spares and full sealed operation.

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